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Wings Over Canada TV Connection

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John Lovelace Real Estate Team | Farms and Ranches for Sale in BC

Did you know that John could well be the most recognized face in Real Estate in all of Canada? That's because the John Lovelace brand was first established back in 1996 when John first climbed into the cockpit of a Cessna 185 to appear in the first episode of the TV Series Wings Over Canada. The show started with very humble beginnings as a cable TV series with Rogers TV in Vancouver and then gradually grew into the Ontario market with the addition of 22 Community channels. In 1998  two other broadcasters were added with SCN in Saskatchewan and then the first National broadcast sale was made to Canadian Learning Channel. CBC country Canada picked up the show soon after as did some of the local CBC affiliates including CBC Windsor. The shows caught on with Johns relaxed style and his honest interviewing style. There was also content that appealed to viewers everywhere who dreamed about life in the  Canadian Wilderness. One of the earliest shows that took traction and created instant success to the new series was the Ghost Town of Ocean Falls. That show was taped on a three chip digital camera the Sony VX 1000 and was edited of a 12 day period in the studios of the now defunct 10 Crows Media group in Surrey. Soon after that the show was to take a huge leap forward when the PBS border stations hungry for Canadian subscribers picked up the series to broadcast it back into Canada homes . The fist PBS super channel to do this was Detroit PBS. Then things took a startling turn. The PBS feed was seen by other stations in the American Southern states and in the American midwest and they started to run the show as well. Soon over 100 PBS broadcast Affiliates were airing John Lovelace's Wings Over Canada from Florida and California all the way to Hawaii! Then in 2004 the show went into distribution world wide to broadcasters in Australia and Europe. Eventually John Lovelace produced, wrote, directed and hosted 172 Wings Over Canada. During the process he travelled 8 times coast to coast in a Cessna  185 and the Found Bush Hawk .

John Lovelace Real Estate Team | Farms and Ranches for Sale in BC


The show featured so many interesting interviews of Canadians that the Canadian Biography channel purchased a number of vignettes taken from the series. One of these series was entitled Women of Wilderness Canada. Always keen on the aviation theme almost every aircraft type operating in Canada. The biggest was Air Canada's A340. John produced, wrote and directed "The shot of a lifetime" the story behind the filming of the A340 and This was followed by "The Air Canada story". For many years the second of the two specials was used in the training facilities at Air Canada and was shown to all the new hires at the airline. The last show John produced was strangely enough shot on USA soil. It was a one hour special on the disappearance of famed pilot Steve Fosset. Steve's body was found several years after the feature aired and his remains were found in the desert only a few miles from where John did the closing sequence for the documentary and it would be the  last appearance John would make in the Wings Over Canada TV series. After 12 years all the flying, writing, directing and hosting John decided he needed a rest from TV. He often said "you can't pack all the people you need to do this series in a float plane so that left three people to do the work of 10". During the course of the series there were 172 shows filmed which featured over three hundred unique location. Along the way John picked up the Presidents award from the Canadian Owners and Pilots association for "Showing Personal Aviation and Canada to the world. Today more then 17 years since John first stepped into the 185 to discover Canada the show is still airing on APTN nationally. It's estimated that the the Series was seen by over 100 million viewers in 8 countries and every state and province in North America and it started the aviation genre of shows like Arctic Air, the Ice Pilots, the Aviators TV, and Alaska Bush Pilots. Today John still receives calls and email from viewers and is also asked to consult for Aviation TV series and movies worldwide that feature small personal airplanes.