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The Sutton Connection


Selling and servicing clients province-wide is a daunting task that requires a full services company. So when John decided to specialize in marketing rural properties in the BC, he researched all the brokers and selected the best. The name Sutton came to the top of the list immediately!


Sutton 100% Canadian

As a 100% Canadian-owned real estate company, Sutton was the first to make agents independent contractors; the first to register a domain name; and the first company to give associates complete autonomy over emails and web pages. They develop proven strategies to help generate exposure and connect with clients. Sutton has a prominent presence in every major city across Canada and Sutton sales associates exceed $20 billion in real estate transactions every year. Sutton and The John Lovelace Brand are an unbeatable combination for your real estate needs.


Our Local Richmond Office

Sutton Seafair has been selling real estate for over 20 years. With a broad national base Sutton generates leads from our extensive referral network and has an in house team of qualified staff for land conveyance and support. The Sutton Seafair location is great for getting in and out of town. Only minutes from the Corporate offices of John Lovelace, and adjacent to the airport and float facilities, Sutton Seafairs Richmond location is a terrific place to service both domestic and international clients.



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