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 Our Offer to You

This is what distinguishes The John Lovelace Real Estate Team:

1.   We own a state of the art production company
The John Lovelace Team (Sutton Group) is allied with the John Lovelace Productions, a leading production company. This gives us access to video and still production, aerial photography and a host of other electronic media that helps us market your properties. As an example, we recently created a professional video, narrated and shot to TV standards, of an investment group off shore that were not able to come to BC. It lead to a large 7 figure sale.

We own a state of the art Multi-media Marketing Company 

2.   We have a TV show
John Lovelace is the Host and Producer of West Coast Escapes, a travel show that profiles rural BC. This gets a lot of traffic and interest back to our real estate website, helping you receive a larger audience.

John Lovelace Real Estate Team | Farms and Ranches for Sale in BC | West Coast EscapesWe have a TV show - west coast escapes

3.   We travel by twin-engine and float equipped airplane 
John is a 30 year veteran pilot of both multi-engine and float aircraft. Today he owns and operates a twin engine Navajo aircraft that can get him quickly to any part of the province. He also flys float planes. This gives us a unique perspective of Western Canadian Real Estate, and enables us to get pre-qualified buyers to your property quickly.

John Lovelace Real Estate Team | Farms and Ranches for Sale in BC | twin-engine and float equipped airplane - about us

4.   Experience in large Project  
Over the years John has specialized in the marketing of large projects. So with our experience in marketing combined with the resources of John Lovelace Productions we can prepare a master plan to get your investment or recreational project SOLD.


John Lovelace Real Estate Team | Farms and Ranches for Sale in BC